Healing Beach Sweeps

Healing Beach Sweeps

Join us for a beautiful healing sunrise beach sweep with Yoga class with Lisa Pumper.  #SEVA

The ocean is at the center of who we are. Even if you don’t see the ocean often, you’re touched by it every single day. It produces half the air you and I breathe every day, the food we eat and the water we drink. You can’t help but be inspired by the ocean. From majestic dolphins to jaw-dropping glimmer of a sunrise over the waters horizon, colorful coral reefs to graceful sea turtles, the ocean can capture your heart and soul like nothing else on earth. 

We are naturally drawn to the water. Being close to the sea, makes us not only happier and calmer but also more emotionally healthy. This phenomenon is known as the Blue Mind.  Basically, it’s how our minds become meditative when we are near, in or under the water.  It’s also the reason we love to do yoga by the sea. 

This is what we’re fighting to protect. Come sweep with us. 

Beach clean-ups are also a learning opportunity for citizens. There’s a major difference between seeing photos of plastic pollution online and witnessing it on an actual beach.  It makes one think about the impact of the non-biodegradable stuff that we are using and how it’s affecting the environment. Our sweep is associated with Ocean Conservancy & VolunteerCleanup.Org

Check our schedule for a public sweep or book private sweep for your group. 

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